To get the snap button(s) add-on on all your bandanas, the same number of Extra snap button (option #1 or option #2) and bandanas must be added to your cart.


If by mistake there're less Extra snap button than bandanas in your order, the snap button(s) will be randomly added to the bandanas.

Extra snap button

  • Adding one or more snap button(s) to your bandanas gives you additional options to attach the accessory on your fur babe's neck :



    Options :

    1. Tie-on + safety snap button : addition of (1) snap button (refer to size guide)

    2. Snap buttons only : addition of (3) snap buttons (refer to size guide and size-down)



    Evolutive bandana (alternative for puppies) :


    Adding (1) snap button (option #1) procures an « evolutive » function to your bandana. Which means that your puppy can grow and still fit in its accessory, by simply adapt the way to attach it to your fur baby's neck. It is recommended to size-down based on his predicted adult size (size guide).


    Note : while these recommendations may guide your choice, it's still impossible to predict with certainty that the bandana chosen for your puppy will still fit him when he reaches his adult size. A dog's growth inevitably varies from a puppy to another!



    If you have any questions regarding sizes and/or snap button(s), always feel free to contact us. We're more than happy to help and chat with you!