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When selecting the size of a Gaïa & Cie's accessory for your fur babe(s), we recommend consulting to the size guides below. Please note that since some of our products are handcrafted, dimensions may have slight variations from one to another (approximatively ½ an inch).

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Our Gaïa & Cie bandanas are designed to be tied-on your dog's neck with a knot. When choosing the size of your bandana(s), it is recommended to measure your dog's neck, and then to refer to the size guide below. 


XS = for necks up to 10in

S = for necks up to 13in

M = for necks up to 18in

L = for necks up to 24in

When in doubt, size up and fold the bandana if needed.



The bows sizing choice for your fur babe mainly depends on the look you want.


The accessory is made with a velcro to be attached on your pet's collar.



Length: varies from one size to another. Between 17in (43cm) and 25in (63cm)


Width: 3/4in (1.9cm)


Thickness: 1/10in (0.2cm)


Weight: varies from one size to another. Between 48g and 56g

Copie de Copie de Les voyages Forment la jeunesse (9 x 12 in).png


The new Gaïa & Cie harness has been imagined and designed to fit perfectly on your fur babe, both at the neck and at the chest.


It has four sliding adjustment clips and two flat buckles for easy adjustment.

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