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  • I want to buy a bandana for my puppy but would also like it to fit his adult size. What is recommended?
    The ideal is to choose the size below that recommended in the size guide for the adult size of your dog and to add an Extra safety snap button . Thus, the bandana can be attached using a double knot initially, with a simple knot + safety snap button afterwards, and finally be attached only with the snap button if necessary.
  • Can my puppy wear his oversized bandana?
    Yes! The best way (and the one that will look the best) is to fold the bandana inwards at the neck. So it won't be too long.
  • What is the safety snap on the bandana for?
    L’utilité première du bouton-pression de sécurité est d’éviter que le nœud se défasse et que le chien perde son bandana. Il peut aussi être utilisé pour attacher le bandana à l’aide d’un nœud simple uniquement + bouton-pression de sécurité afin qu'il soit moins serré sur le cou du chien. Finalement, le bouton-pression de sécurité peut permettre à un bandana de faire plus longtemps à un chien, notamment lorsqu’il est en croissance.
  • Is it possible to have a custom-made bandana with something written on it?
    Yes! To order a custom bandana with something written on it, simply contact us (directly on the website, by email, on Instagram or on Facebook) and we'll create the design together.
  • According to the harness size guide, my dog's neck measurement corresponds to size M, while his chest measurement corresponds to size L. Which size should I choose?
    For the dog's comfort, the most important is to ensure that the harness will not be too tight on the chest. The neck can be adjusted pretty easily. When in doubt and when the dog is between two sizes, it is therefore recommended to choose the size based on the measurement of the chest, rather than the neck.
  • Will the D-ring on the front of the harness stop my dog from pulling?
    The Gaïa & Cie harness is not a walk training harness. It can help prevent pulling, but it is not designed to stop the dog from pulling. It is not recommended to use the front D-ring of the harness for a dog over 50lbs that pulls a lot.
  • My puppy hasn't arrived yet, but I would like a harness that will follow his growth. What is recommended?
    If the objective is to have a first harness that will last during the puppy's growth, it is recommended to choose the size below the one planned for its size in adulthood according to our size guide. So, the harness should follow his growth a few months. .
  • What are the harness size recommendations based on the dog's weight?
    La morphologie du chien varie énormément d'une race à l'autre. C’est pourquoi il est impossible de recommander une grandeur de harnais avec certitude en se fiant uniquement au poids du chien. Avant d’acheter un collier ou un harnais, il est important de mesurer le cou et la poitrine. S'il est impossible d’obtenir les mesures du cou et de la poitrine du chien, ces recommandations basées sur le poids peuvent servir de guide. XS (harnais 1.0) : 10-18lbs S : 15-25lbs M : 25-45lbs L : 45-70lbs
  • My dog is between two sizes for the collar, should I take the smaller or larger size?
    Gaïa & Cie collars are made very long. Which indicates that they are very malleable and can last a long time during a puppy's growth. On the other hand, if the collar is too big, the excess collar will stick out and hang around the dog's neck. It is therefore recommended to take the smaller size. The ideal is for the dog's neck measurement to be as close as possible to the maximum size of the collar. For example, if your dog's neck measures 14in and you are unsure between the S (10-14in) and the M (14-18in), it is recommended to take the S.
  • I would like to buy a collar, but since my dog's neck measures less than 10 inches I'm afraid the S will be too big. What is recommended?
    It is possible to modify a S collar to make it a custom XS. We add holes to the S and cut off the excess. Simply contact us to request it!
  • I received my new collar but the excess is hanging around my dog's neck. What do I have to do?
    You can return the collar (contact us for returns) or simply cut the excess to the desired length. Since the collar is made of a nylon strap in the center and covered with PVC, it will not fray.
  • Can I wash and dry the Gaïa & Cie harness in the machine?
    To keep the harness looking new, it is not recommended to machine wash and dry it. However, using the machine should not break the harness itself, although being made of cotton it is possible that it will shrink slightly. If you want to machine wash and dry it, it is recommended to use a mesh laundry bag and close the flat buckles to prevent other clothes from getting caught in the harness and getting damaged.
  • Can I machine wash and dry the bandanas?
    Using machines to wash and dry bandanas should be avoided as they could prematurely wear out the fabric. If you still want to wash them in the machine, you should expect the fabric to wrinkle and the possibility that the bandana will lose its shape slightly. Most people still use the machines (we do!).
  • How should I wash the Gaïa & Cie PVC leash and collar?
    Our PVC leashes and collars are water, odor and dirt resistant. To wash them, use a mild dish soap with warm water, then simply rub with your fingers on the dirty areas.
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